Our vehicles are equipped with standard equipment and navigation systems. Drivers have the comfort in addition to stability and safety. All cars and trucks are the newer generation, they are monitored by satelit GPRS so we know at any time the movement of vehicles and goods. Trailers tilt the load to 25 tonnes or dimensions 100/m3, load area height is 3.05 m. In addition we have a trailer with a tarpaulin and refrigerators with thermo-king with capacity up to 22 tons.
Refrigerators are suitable for the transport of goods that require special regime "plus(+)", as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products. or regime "minus(-)" such as frozen fish, frozen vegetables, meat and so on. In addition to high capacity vehicles, we also have a smaller capacity vehicles. From 700kg up to 2.5 tonne are vans, from 2.5 ton up to 7.5 ton trucks solo. We are prepared for all kinds of cooperation, and transportation such as shopping centers, wholesale sales, etc.